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Thipsukhon Srithaporn (Opal)

​Nationality: Thai

Industry Focus: Animal Agriculture

Functional Expertise: Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical

Level: Entry to Mid-Level, Specialists

Region: Asia

Languages: Thai, English

Personality type: Consul (ESFJ)

Opal is from the agricultural center of Thailand, Khon Kaen, with family roots in the farming sector. A graduate of Khon Kaen University, with work experience from the hospitality sector in the USA, Opal joined Peak in her first major role in Thailand in 2019.

She specializes in recruitment across the Animal Feed, Health and Nutrition segments and is widely known in the industry across South East Asia. Opal is dedicated to the industry and is extremely talented at finding people who are ‘hard to find’.

She regularly attends industry conferences and exhibitions in Asia, developing relationships with industry leading professionals; often calling upon her contacts for advice and insights, and in return offering the market a consultative and highly-respectful approach to recruitment. Some of the more complex searches she has worked include regulatory specialists, veterinary scientists, feed formulators and multi-species sales managers.

She loves to travel to beaches around Asia, and is an avid photographer.

Her “Consul” personality type describes her as being extraordinarily caring, social and popular, and always eager to help.