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The Philippines is a nation which loves it’s food and as one of the world’s largest consumers of meat and meat products, it’s no surprise to learn that the country’s agricultural sector has strong livestock and poultry sub-sectors. 

However, the damage that animal agriculture is doing to the planet is becoming an increasingly pressing problem, and one which the Philippines is striving to marry with its huge meat consumption. This is not an issue which is unique to the Philippines, though, and as global food demand continues to increase, small and large scale farmers and food producers are adjusting production which is, in turn, leading to higher emissions. 

Furthermore, the Philippines has not been immune to other issues which have adversely affected agricultural and food production in the Asia Pacific region over the last few years, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and incredibly challenging extreme weather events including intense typhoons, rising sea levels, drought and storm surges. 

As animal agribusiness recruitment specialists in the Philippines, we pay close attention to the country’s agricultural development in order to monitor trends in recruitment. With this in mind, we thought we’d give an overview of the country’s animal agribusiness sectors, before taking a look at future food security and potential increases in demand for recruitment amongst food producers.

The Philippines’ livestock and poultry sectors

The poultry and livestock sectors are the two most important sub-sectors to the Philippines’s agricultural industry. Chickens and pigs are consumed in the highest numbers and as such contribute to the majority of the country’s livestock production volume. 

However, as an experienced animal agribusiness recruitment agency in the Philippines, we have seen a significant impact on these sectors, caused by the prolonged lock down restrictions put in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, in 2020 the livestock sector’s gross value added shrunk by 6.9 per cent, which was the biggest decrease amongst the agricultural industry’s sub-sectors. 

Poultry production in the Philippines

Chicken meat and chicken-based products have increased in popularity in the Philippines as poultry is generally lower in price than other meats. Broiler chickens are the lowest in cost of all of the poultry products produced by commercial Filipino farms. As a result, although the poultry sector was adversely affected by the 2020 pandemic and production declined, the sector has bounced back and is now on the rise once again. 

Pork production

Although demand for pork and pork-based products is high in the Philippines - it’s the country’s most consumed meat - the sector has faced challenges over the past few years. As pork consumption has risen so have imports, whilst African swine flue fever arrived in the Philippines in 2019. This highly contagious virus spread rapidly and affected farmed pigs, resulting in decreased pork production. Needless to say, the Covid-19 also proved damaging to the country’s pork sub-sector. Demand for pork and pork-based products remains buoyant though, as Filipino’s love affair with new Korean-inspired barbecuing trends continues unabated. 

The future of animal agribusiness in the Philippines

Animal agribusiness agencies in the Philippines such as Peak Recruit have noted with interest the Department of Agriculture’s pledge to increase the domestic food production by 40%. This is a large increase and one which is intended to fund a wide-ranging plan of action to revitalise the agriculture and fisheries sectors. It is hoped that a national programme to ensure food security and the development of rural areas will help to increase the number of rural enterprises, whilst helping to maintain economic prosperity. 

With increased financial backing from government agencies, a positive outlook is likely to be ensured once plans are implement. However, as is always the case, to increase productivity and efficiency in animal agribusiness production, the skills and input of talented, experienced individuals will prove to be an essential component of the process. 

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