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Crop Agribusiness
Soaring ASEAN Market as Demand for Organic Coconut Products Boom

​Thanks to a significant rise in the usage and popularity of coconut-based food and beverage products, the ASEAN market has seen a steep increase in demand. In addition, there is also additional demand for cosmetic products derived from coconut oil. In 2012 the coconut products market was worth $12.75 billion but is expected to rise to $31.1 billion in 2026 which is an increase of 143%. Countries in the Asia-Pacific region account for the highest volumes of the world’s coconut product...

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Coconut 2 Asean
Crop Agribusiness
The impact of extreme weather on Asian agricultural commodities

​From scorching heat in Europe and devastating forest fires in North America, through to torrential rain in South America, there’s little doubt that the unprecedented increase in extreme weather events are a cause for grave concern across the globe. The Asia-Pacific region is no exception and over recent years has suffered from a series of turbulent weather events. Whilst extreme weather can have a terrible impact upon communities, the effect on Asian agricultural commodities has proved to be...

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The Hurricanes 1000
Food & Beverage
Thailand’s food delivery businesses go to war

​Thanks to our on-going love affair with food, changing dining habits and pandemic-induced lock-downs, Thailand’s food delivery service market is turning into something of a battleground. Although business is booming in the sector, with established firms reaping the benefits and new players enjoying lucrative incentives, it’s interesting to consider whether such demand is likely to continue.Why Thailand?Thailand has an incredibly strong food culture, with Thais taking great pride in the...

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Food Delivery In Thailand 1000
Crop Agribusiness
Food growth is on the rise – the promotion of vertical farming in South East Asia

​A new type of agriculture is on the rise in South East Asia: indoor vertical farming. Designed to encourage a revolution in how Asian communities and people across the world feed themselves, a new type of farmer is hoping that indoor vertical crop production will be a sustainable and profitable way to grow food. The problems facing farmers in South East Asia Although humans began farming many thousands of years ago and the world has since changed beyond all recognition, farmers still face si...

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