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Getting to Know
Getting to know Kamonwan Klaywong

​Meet Kamonwan Klaywong, the Business Coordinator of Peak Recruitment. ​Unlike other team members, Kamonwan's role focuses more on the back-office tasks. Today, we move her to the front line and invite you to get to know her better. ​What was your first job?​This role with Peak Recruitment is my first full-time job. Apart from that, I used to be a part-time staff of English Books Department in Kinokuniya Book Store for one summer, as well as a housekeeper and part-time cook in a small Mexican...

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Getting to Know
Getting to know Tim Golding

​For the first of our newest series Getting to know, let's meet Tim Golding, the Managing Director of Peak Recruitment. Today, we move his Managing Director role aside for a while, and get to know him more about his life outside of work, see what superpower he would pick, and why was he being chased around the UK by a butcher in his previous career. ​What was your first job?First paying job was as a newspaper delivery boy whilst at school, but my first real job was in food retail with Tesco'...

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Industry Interviews
Inside the Industry with: Marcin Paluch, Technical Director of MP Technical Solutions Ltd.

​Insights into the food and agriculture industries from industry leaders and innovatorsMP Technical Solutions Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, offers consultancy and interim services to the global food industry. Here, Marcin tells us about his current role as a freelance consultant, shares his aspect of food inspection on how “This could be done differently”, and discusses global food safety challenges.​Can you tell us about your role within the food industry?  Food safety consultants...

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Food Science
Is lab-grown food the way to improve sustainability and tackle food security?

​According to the United Nations, meat consumption is now widely recognised as a significant contributor to climate change and pollution. In addition, there is growing concern that up to 24 million people across the Asia Pacific region are at risk of becoming acutely food insecure as a result of unsustainable farming practices; a problem which has been further exacerbated by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Unicef published a report in January this year which highlights the importance of tackling...

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