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Industry Interviews
Inside the Industry with: Marcin Paluch, Technical Director of MP Technical Solutions Ltd.

​Insights into the food and agriculture industries from industry leaders and innovatorsMP Technical Solutions Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, offers consultancy and interim services to the global food industry. Here, Marcin tells us about his current role as a freelance consultant, shares his aspect of food inspection on how “This could be done differently”, and discusses global food safety challenges.​Can you tell us about your role within the food industry?  Food safety consultants...

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Industry Interviews
Inside the Industry with: Sorattaya Jasoria, Managing Director of The Cheese Baron Thailand

​Insights into the food and agriculture industries from industry leaders and innovatorsThe Cheese Baron is a local Thai brand, offering locally made dairy products including cheeses, milks, yoghurts and butter for both the consumer and food service markets. Managing Director Sorattaya Jasoria shares her story, from a dream of having her own dairy farm through to the establishment and the rise in popularity of The Cheese Baron in Thailand.​Tell us about your company and your roleI am the Manag...

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Food & Beverage
Demand for plant-based foods predicted to rise by over 200% in key Asia-Pacific markets

​The way we eat is changing and with increasing numbers of people cutting out or reducing meat and dairy from their diets, the demand for plant-based foods looks set to rise by over 200% in key Asia-Pacific markets. Not only does this potential increase highlight consumer concerns over health and sustainability, it also paves the way for a significant and sustained increase in plant-based meat alternatives’ market share across the Asia-Pacific region.This dramatic increase has been rev...

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Plant Based Food
Crop Agribusiness
Covid-19: what has been the impact of the pandemic on agriculture in the Asia-Pacific region?

​Although the world is holding its breath and hoping that the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic is over, it’s clear that that the impact upon many millions of people is huge and ongoing, with no end-date in sight. As is so often the case, those who are suffering the worst are people in poverty, with people engaged in agriculture and living in rural areas amongst the most badly affected. The impact upon the Asia-Pacific region’s agricultural sector has resulted in unprecedented challenges a...

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