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Crop Agribusiness
Free trade deal cuts tariffs and enables Vietnam to start exporting to the EU

​Thanks to the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement (EVFTA) which came into force on 1st August this year, Vietnam’s agricultural export revenues have grown by an impressive 1.6% to US$30.05 billion over the first nine months of 2020.Vietnam takes advantage of preferential trade tariffsVietnamese food exporters are taking full advantage of the preferential tariffs offered by the EU-Vietnam free trade agreement by exporting produce including coffee, coconut, dragon fruit, passion fruit and timber. ...

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Vietnam Eu Export Deal
Food & Beverage
Why Meat Alternatives are Trending Globally

For some time now alternatives to meat have become commonplace in our shops and supermarkets. It is fair to say this is partly due to the rise in vegetarianism and veganism, but there is a lot more to it than that. Whereas in the past people have chosen to abstain from eating meat simply because of moral or spiritual reasons, in the modern age there is clearly a great many other factors which are driving this new trend. Meat Alternative or Protein Substitute in Asia?It should be remembered th...

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Beyond Meat brand classic plant-based links Beyond Breakfast Sausage packages available for vegan customers
Food & Beverage
Myanmar Food Industry Grows In Global Markets

Myanmar is a relatively new player in the global market and its economy, democratic culture and technological advances have made enormous strides over the last few years. As the country’s economy has continually become more robust, it has attracted the attention of many international investors. One of the major changes that has invited new investment – and especially the food and beverage industry – is the lifting of US sanctions. At the same time the US has eased restrictions on trade shipme...

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People transit in the street markets of the city of Yangon
Food & Beverage
Protecting the ASEAN Food Supply Chain During the Covid-19 Crisis

Since the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak there have been deep concerns about food security in South East Asia. So, in what ways is the virus likely to be detrimental to the food and beverage industry in ASEAN countries specifically and what steps can be taken to keep the supply chain safe and robust?Fundamental Fears From the beginning there has always been the concern that Covid-19 remains active on food. However, experts have told us that by following traditional food hygiene practices, infe...

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Woman wearing face mask buying in supermarket.

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