8 Top Tips for A Successful Partnership with A Recruitment Agency

01 May 2016 Peak Recruitment

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Searching for the next great job or career outlet can be a lonely, frustrating, often depressing, time consuming and complicated task. You may be an expert in your own trade or industry but the ever changing world of recruitment needs expert skills and a streamlined job processing systems to maximize your job search results and hone in on that perfect position.

A recruitment partner or agency will be able to offer you a much more focused and tailored job search with guidance and support. A job agency will have cutting edge knowledge of your industry and be there for you when things get rough. Also, with a well-managed job searching system you will gain feedback to help you improve your candidate skills with each vacancy you go for.

But where many Job seekers go wrong is to leave everything down to the recruitment agency. This can lead to poor results and further frustrations for both parties. Here are some tips for working together.

1. Avoid Depersonalization

Most high profile recruitment agencies will have huge databases of clients and hiring companies. Consequently if you do not play your part in building a strong business relationship this can lead to depersonalization. In order for a candidate to be matched to the job they are looking for the agency needs to understand you holistically.

Your skills, background, what environments you work well in, unique areas of talent – but most importantly your aspirations and your goals. No doubt you are looking for a career rather than the next post. The company or organization the agency will approach needs to understand how you will fit into that work culture. So be available, upfront and open when working with recruitment consultants.

2. Understand How the Agency Works

Think about the agency goals. Even though they are promising to find you a suitable position they are actually driven by the companies who pay them to find the correct candidate. So in effect it is the hirers who require their expectations satisfied if the agency wishes to make a financial success. This does not make the benefit of a recruitment partner any less – on the contrary, in order for them to match suitable candidates with vacancies they must understand both the company needs and the candidate well. Being aware of where you stand within the process will enable you to maximize benefits from what the agency offers you.

3. Use Their Support and Advice

Make sure you set up effective communication systems so you can access your recruitment partner’s job seeking expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask about the best way forward and how you can streamline your searching in the future.

4. Be an Active Partner IN THE PROCESS

The more agencies you register with the better chance you will have of getting a successful response. But this doesn’t mean you should sit back and let your new recruitment partners do all the work. You need to spread your CV’s and resume’s as far as possible. Continue to peruse possible jobs through your normal channels. The recruitment partner is there to enhance your job prospects and do an enormous running for you while focusing on your exact requirements, but that does not mean there is still an active and vibrant job arena out there for you to work on. A recruitment partner enhances guides and compliments your job search.

5. Use Agencies Job Systems to Your Advantage

Overall makes job searching more manageable because of the agencies superior job seeking systems. They can give you advice as to when it is necessary to follow up on a job post and compartmentalize each and every part of the process which will make it easier for you to manage the employment journey in the long run.

6. Use Agencies That Specialize in Your Industry

Consider approaching agencies which specialize in your chosen industry or sector. A respectable company such as Peak Recruitment will have a vibrant and up to date network of companies you may well have not had access to previously.

Make a date to meet one of their consultants. Agree together how and when you will communicate in order for you to check on the search and also for you to update them with any relevant changes to the CV. Build relationships which are useful to you and them. They are likely to have many clients on their books – so make contact for real reasons and be short and succinct. This will encourage a healthy business relationship will they will be happy to answer queries and take notice of any current needs or updates.

7. Access Employer Knowledge

In order to put in a great performance at interview you not only need to be able to sell yourself, you also need to know your prospective employers. Because of the unique relationship recruitment agencies have with candidates and hiring companies, your recruitment consultant will be able to give you essential information about the organization and what they are likely to be looking for.

So if you are offered an interview form the agency, make sure you ask your consultant for as much information about the hiring company as you can.

8. Good Feedback Will Help Refine Your Job Search

It is more than likely that you will need to go to more than one interview in order to find that dream job. Unfortunately if you continue to make the same mistakes at interview you are never going to progress. Your recruitment partner will be able to give you feedback from the company which will enable you to refine the way you behave in interview and do a better interview next time. Ask for that feedback.

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