How to Deal with A Video Interview

15 September 2016 Peak Recruitment

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Smart digital technology allows businesses to communicate in real-time across vast distances. With the aid of applications such as Skype, Google Hangout and Facetime, dialogue can take place instantly even when the users may be at either end of the globe. So it is no surprise that the cost-cutting, enhanced reach, and super effectiveness of video conferencing is becoming ever more popular in recruitment.

Here at Peak Recruitment we are aware that as much as this vibrant tool offers so much to the Thai employer – and job seeker – it can cause issues for the prospective employee if they do not prepare well for a video interview. Nearly everything about the environment of a video interview is alien to the traditional face-to-face scenario and so unless you prepare for this novel set-up, you could well lose the post – not by lack of skills, qualifications and experience – but by presentation alone.

With that in mind here is Peak Recruitment’s 8-point checklist to ensure you have the fundamentals in place so you have all bases covered when you get that all important call:

Which Location?

Well, here’s a question you would not be asking yourself if the interview were in the prospective employer’s offices. Now you not only have to consider what you are wearing, but also what’s behind you as well! Your setting is going to say as much about you as the fit of your suit, so make sure there is nothing within camera shot that is likely to kill that cool presentation (we are talking here about weird posters, dirty washing, disorganised desk, half-eaten breakfast etc.). Make sure everything the interviewers will see, compliments your intelligence (a book shelf perhaps) your interest in the job (books on the skills needed), an organised mind (a clean organised desk, and calendars and charts on the wall) and a clean interesting but sober room that says professional not Facebook.

How to Dress

There are some job applicants who feel that a video interview is so much easier because you do not have to go to the trouble you would have to at a traditional interview, but It is essential you put in as much thought to how you dress in both scenarios. The message this will project is, you have taken the time and made the effort for the interview – therefore you are eager and enthusiastic. Also dressing for the office shows a professional state of mind. Don’t go half measures by wearing casual clothes where you think the camera cannot see. You may get caught out and look a bit like a charlatan! Most importantly, dressing appropriately for an interview by wearing all your professional attire you will be focusing your mind, nerves and spirit on the task ahead.

Which Device?

Decide which device you are going to use for the call. As technology advances, the types of devices, channels and apps we can use, becomes more diverse on a daily basis. And each one has its own positives and negatives. A mobile is clearly not very professional, iPads and tablets too can be a little unstable, whereas a laptop PC or Apple can be set up in a much more robust way. Whatever you decide, you need to feel confident with using both the device and the video application.

Test All Equipment

You need to check the working of your equipment well in advance. This includes broadband, the device, and the chosen channel (i.e. Skype). Don’t worry too much about the connection going down as this is par for the course with this type of interview. Problems could be at their end too. But do have a secondary contact you can use straight away if the worst happens – this shows you have thought ahead, are eager and organised.

Mock Interview

Just as you need to practice and role play for the questions you are likely to be asked, you also need to role play the actual interview on the video interview application. This will also give you a useful feedback source which you have not had before: In most real time video applications use can record the communication, so you can see for yourself how you appear and how you sound as well as listen to the substance of what you are saying as well. Hearing and seeing yourself for the first time on video can be a shock so get those mock interviews in!

Turn Off All Other Interruptions

In a video interview you have control over the location you are in – so control it! The last thing you want when you are just coming out with a pretty cool answer is the cat walking across the keyboard, the front door bell ringing out, the telephone starting up or your partner asking you how many times they need to ask you to wash up or put your laundry away. Let everyone in the vicinity know what you are doing, turn off telephones and close the door to of the room you are in.

Check Process

As with every interview you need to have an expectation as to what will take place and an understanding of how it will happen. Double check you understand who is calling who, when the call will come through, what you need to have with you and questions for the end.


Be aware, if you do not use applications like Skype a lot, it can seem strange talking to someone you have never met before in a different location. Stay professional – this is an interview – many people who do use applications such as Skype for chatting with friends and family have a tendency of falling into an over personal chatty mode. The interviewer may be casual and friendly in tone tone and that is fine, but be led by their approach – expect it to be professional in the first instance. Due to the technology and distance, each users voice may be a little delayed, so wait until the speaker has finished before you answer or you will both just end up talking over each other.

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