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01 April 2017 Peak Recruitment

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There is no doubt that hiring a new employee can be a time of real stress for company processes, the team, the manager and the budget. Even after the whole hiring process has taken place there is always the horrific possibility that you will not find anyone to fit the role anyway. So great news – you can do it twice!

Do it twice – most hiring managers wouldn’t go near that eventuality with a barge pole, even if they could afford it. So, this brings about a new level of stress and pressure to get the process finished whatever the candidate is like. And unfortunately, in many cases a candidate is employed because they come closest to the remit – not because they are the right person for the role.

The fallout from this kind of “this’ll do” decision making, could be catastrophic to team stability, future production and possible expense on training – and inevitably it is only putting off the inevitable.

66% of employers said they experienced negative effects of bad hires in 2012. Of these employers, 37% said the bad hire negatively affected employee morale. Another 18% said the bad hire negatively impacted client relationships. And 10% said the bad hire caused a decrease in sales

National Institute Research Study

Hence, businesses which are committing to the hiring process on a regular basis (often due to the fact that the wrong person was taken on), more than likely are treating it without the respect it deserves and hence they get stuck in a devalued hiring cycle which is bound to fail.

43% of respondents from the study cited the need to fill the positions quickly as the main reason that bad hires are made.

National Institute Research Study

It may well be time to stand back and revisit the boundaries you put around your hiring process. How can it be streamlined? Here are 10 ideas to think about:

1. Why Are You Taking on That Applicant?

Before beginning the hiring process, be clear in your mind what will be the minimum requirements for the job role. Of course, there will always be a need for flexibility as people don’t tend to come along in ready-made packages exactly tailored to your job description, but create a bar which you will not fall below. Include more subtle factors such as training costs, requirements for effective teamwork and adaptability to new work environments. What is the candidates career goals? Are they likely to be seeing this move as a stepping stone and therefore could be gone as soon as they arrive. Remember as far as budgets and detriment to company processes are concerned it is always better to find the right person than battle away with a square peg.

2. Expand Sourcing to Include the Digital World

Marketing has been turned upside down by the digital world over the last ten years and recruitment can be enhanced in just the same way. Using social media sites such as linked in, twitter and online ads can cut both time and cost of the employment process as well as increasing the scope of candidates who will view the job description. Digital advertising can either be used to compliment traditional hard copy advertising or totally in its own right.

3. Think in The Now

Because recruiting can be such a headache, most managers leave thinking about it until they really have to. But the fact is, by making it a part of everyday activity you can make recruitment so much easier in the long run. In a sense this is more like head hunting. It is being aware of the credentials of the people in your network. When the time comes to employ, you already have a database of individuals you can approach who you know meet a certain criterion and have, to a degree, already been filtered.

4. Involve Sub-Management in Discussions

In most hiring scenarios, it is senior management which will lead the interview process but do not forget to get advice from relevant line management. They should be part of the interview panel if not leading it as they are more aware of specific every day requirements and team needs. The line manager will have more vision into how the individual will fit into the team.

5. Training Should Be Front of Mind

And don’t think training is not part of the interview process. If there is not the training out there to hone the skills of your new worker, or if you did not analyse your shiny new employee enough during the interview to be clear about what training would be needed you have a problem on your hands. Go into the interview process with a clear idea of how they would fit into training and how this may affect time scales and budgets.

6. Streamline the Background Check

Just like the wonders of social media, technology has streamlined the long drawn out problems with background checks. Now you can access all that information from one site where you can click a button and get results quickly – sometimes even the same day – on all aspects of a prospect’s past. With a quick and comprehensive way to double and triple check each person, you can speed up the hiring process.

7. Change the Responsibility for References

To speed the whole process up consider giving the applicant the responsibility of getting the references through to you. You will be surprised how quickly things suddenly happen!

8. Encourage Internal Achievers

The right candidate may be staring you in the face. Creating internal gateways for employees, and interviewing internally before going external can cut costs and time. Internal applicants are more likely to have an understanding of process, the industry and brand and you will also have a background knowledge of their work and true capacity. Also, team promotions are effective for on-going motivation.

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