How Clear Goals and Strategy Can Lead to Business Success

15 May 2017 Peak Recruitment


All successful businesses have a mission, vision and ultimate goal which reflects their brand, products and services. But so often that fundamental and over-arching goals are lost in the complex communications and complex crises of daily processes. If goals are not clearly in sight, then daily techniques and strategies can become jumbled and ineffectual. Your business strategies are the framework which will drive systems in order to reach business goals.

So If Strategies And Goals Are So Important Why Do Businesses Regularly Make Such A Bad Deal Of Something Which Should Be So Easy? These Are the Primary Reasons:

  1. When there is no pay-off realised from a specific process, marketing or sales technique there is a tendency to change approach even though the strategy in reality has proved to give real results in the long run. For instance, a sales team can only monitor its success in a specific campaign if everyone keeps to a consistent approach. Also, when strategies are not monitored and assessed, poor techniques are not picked up, outcomes are poor and there is a likelihood there will be a high turnover in staff.

  2. Businesses do not feel they need to dissipate strategies throughout the whole company so those goals are not intrinsic to everyday procedures. This is the kind of mindset where management believes that as the elite – the workers do not need to know company goals. This leads to inefficiency, demotivation amongst employees and lack of team cohesion.

  3. When there is a huge choice of tactics to implement, a salesman, marketing executive or businessman can end up flitting from one strategy to another in the desperate hope of some kind of result. This is no more than desperation and is simply relying on luck. Again, they leave a confused trail following their activities and so no real assessment can be deduced from work that has been completed.

  4. If goals are not carefully structured with set don strategies, no central framework is constructed and the result is a scatter-gun technique which really gives no focus to activities administered.

  5. When things are going good, sales and marketing are often put on the back burner (especially in SME’s), when things are bad it is too late to construct a robust framework for marketing and sales.

So How Can A Strategy Be Quickly Put in Place?

First of all, you need a clear goal. What do you specifically intend to achieve? Make sure you write this goal down. This is important, as once it is in black and white, it has real focus and has boundaries which must be adhered to. This can then be dissipated more easily to employees within the company

Understand your client and the world in which they operate. Where will you find them and how do you access their world? Understand what their problems are and why they need your product or service. This knowledge will help you determine which activities are likely to be the most effective for your client group.

Specify unique tactics that will give you access to your target market and enable you to appear as an expert in your field. This may be social media, blogging forums, business visits or whatever, but you need to feel comfortable with the approach and understand what can be termed positive results. For instance, social media posts may not get hundreds of new sales but it can be great way of exposing your brand.

Remain committed. Keep the goal at the fore front of your mind as well as how much and how long you will spend on each tactic. Your strategy is king but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it now you have set results you can assess. And when you do change strategies make sure those changes register throughout the whole team.

Throughout implementation keep the thread of your client’s problem central to your posts in all of your channels. For instance, if you have decided to create a blog campaign, consider how you can integrate those issues which are of primary importance to your client. In advertising, what are those clever soundbites your prospective client will relate to and subsequently lead to a click?

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