How A Recruitment Agency Can Boost the Employment Processes

15 June 2017 Peak Recruitment


It is often considered that taking on a recruitment agency to deal with your organisation’s employment processes is a little bit of a luxury. There is often the feeling that it can be dealt with more effectively and much more cheaply by salaried employees in-house. On the surface this seems to make sense, but when you take the time to look a little deeper it is clear contracting a recruitment agency can boost business outcomes on many levels

A recruitment agency can:

  • enhance the standard of employees taken on

  • reduce overall employment costs

  • cut the time spent on recruiting enormously

  • streamline employment processes even more in the future.

Let’s take a closer look:

Why A Better Standard of Applicant?

Whatever your business may be – logistics, cake decoration, health and safety, security or plumbing – you are no doubt an expert within your industry. You will be skilled and experienced to deal with all the different scenarios that may get thrown at you. That’s what makes you a professional.

However, there are going to be certain tasks you will be called on to do that you have no professional expertise in at all. And one of those fundamental functions is recruitment. We can all sit down and consider the questions we want to ask, put an advert out and enjoy the power of putting some candidates through their paces. But is this cost effective? We are not skilled at these tasks – it is unlikely whether we have ever been trained in their facilitation.

And you may well select someone at the end of the process, but are they the perfect candidate or are they just the best of an average bunch?

The difference between you and a recruitment agency is they are skilled and experienced at recruitment. They are professionally trained and possibly specialise in your industry. So not only will they have all the up to date techniques to advertise in the right places for the type of candidate you are looking for, filter through those applicants who meet your requirements, thy can also support you through the interview process.

As an agency within the employment industry they will also have created excellent networks in which to find that A+ prospective employee. Most businesses, when working alone will distribute their ads through 1 or 2 outlets with fingers crossed but the agency, with a knowledge of an industry as a whole, can multiply that a thousand times and ensure that each outlet is significant to the result needed.

What Are the Benefits to The Company?

When you come to do recruitment, you will be keeping one eye on the clock. Time is money. This means at the back of your mind you could be making decisions based on cutting corners rather than creating perfect systems. A recruitment agency prioritises the employment procedure using the networks and skills at their fingertips.

In other words, a more cost-effective recruitment system is taking place while you happily carry on with your business tasks…

But that’s not all

  • Take a look at all those time-consuming tasks which take your current employees away from their own work:

  • Creating adverts which may not hit the mark in wording

  • Communicating with outlets to get the ads out there.

  • Communications with applicants: such as notifying applicants of interviews and scheduling interview times; contacting unsuccessful interviewees (or candidates) and giving feedback

  • Organising evidence of qualifications and references

  • The never-ending complexities of dealing with short term or temporary staff.

Clearly there is saving here not only on time and processes but with financial budgets as well. It is likely that posting of jobs will be a lot cheaper, internal staff will be freed to carry on with their own tasks and so subsequently be more productive and reduce the extra costs of a “non-result” or a bad hire.

Long Term Savings

The long-term savings though are even more profound. That is why taking on a recruitment agency is really a bit of an investment. The chances are you will be using the recruitment agency again. Next time you use them they will have an understanding of your business, your requirements, how you work and the type of candidate you are looking for. This means future employment processes will be even more streamlined offer even better quality results.

As the agencies can give the candidate quality time it means the successful candidate will be more appropriate for the job role and the company environment in terms of career and aspirations. In this way staff turnover is likely to be less – so reducing recruitment costs in the future and creating a much more stable work atmosphere for everyone concerned.

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