The Aviation Industry and The Tourism Industry Benefit from Thai 4 Progress in Thailand

01 August 2018 Peak Recruitment


In our previous article here at Peak Recruitment, we described how foreign countries were investing in the industrial and economic growth of Thailand and its headlining project – Thai 4. Even though Thai 4 is firmly focussed on specific industries (including agriculture, digital enhancement, robotics, medical science, and logistics) there is no doubt that the enhancement of those industries is having a positive effect on other major industries as well. One of those primary industries affected is the tourism industry.

At first this may seem a little odd. How could the Thai tourism industry be bolstered by progress created by investment and infrastructure changes in other industries which tend to have more in common with trade health and wellness, and employment? The fact is, the central aim of Thai 4 is to bring Thailand in line with other thriving commercial countries. This has meant a complete overhaul and a huge learning curve in fundamental industries such as digital media, robotics and logistics. And of course, all of these new processes tend to be fundamental to all other industries.

A Boost To Tourism And Aviation In Thailand

The two main industries here which are gaining ground are the aviation industry and the tourism industry. The tourist industry already contributes around 20% of the GDP1 so a lot of work and finance is invested to ensure its continual growth. Current projects are designed to enhance the output of this area.

The traditional concept of tourism is the scenario where foreign individuals visit a country for a holiday and enjoy the sights, culture and events on offer. However, in Thailand, as in many other countries, holiday-makers do not always visit for this reason alone. For instance, medical tourism remains one of the ten core areas for future focus. Another area is MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) tourism.

It follows that any growth within the tourism industry is bound to have positive effects on the aviation industry. Specifically, it will aid Thailand’s ultimate goal to become the major regional aviation hub for the economic bloc known as ASEAN (The Association of South East Asian Nations).

Projects Aimed at Growth in The Aviation Industry

Thai 4 is focusing its energies on the aviation industry. Already investors are pumping money into the development of 2 airports: U-Tapao airport and the Eastern Airport City development Project: by creating a new terminal which in turn will lead to a third international airport, it is hoped that the first phase of the project will increase passenger capacity from 3 million to 15 million. The project leaders ultimate goal is to boost passenger capacity of 60 million by 2038.1

As well as focusing on the airport arena, Thai 4 will also be expanding its fleet of airplanes. Last year saw an enhancement by 7 aircraft and it is expected to add a further 5 airbus to the fleet in 2018. It is also expected that as the fleet grows, huge benefit will follow as operational costs fall, but it is important that standards do not deteriorate as the project increases in size. Project facilitators therefore are also keeping a close eye on safety and quality of travel in order to ensure that investment time and energies are being put into maintenance, repair and overhaul (this is called MRO in the aviation industry) before anything else.

An Amazing Year for Thai Tourism

Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo, Acting President of national carrier Thai Airways commented “This year is Amazing Thailand Tourism Year 2018, and the goal is to bring in more quality tourists and maintain the country’s traditional tourism markets. It is also intended to create higher economic value and distribute tourism income to the regional areas of the country. It will also follow the development agenda of Thailand 4.0, based on the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, as well as inclusive tourism that maintains a balance between the economy, society and the environment.”

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