Executive Recruitment: Keeping Strong on The Journey

15 October 2018 Peak Recruitment

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Searching for a new position relevant to your skills and experiences is likely to be a long old haul – especially if your job loss was sudden and not something you were planning for. To help you keep on track and performing at your best throughout the whole process we have created top tips to keep you on board.

Don’t Lose Faith in Yourself

The constant rejection letters, disappointing interview results and the inevitable feelings of devaluation when going through the executive recruitment proccess can have a devastating effect on how effective you are in your overall job search. Even if you start your search fresh, enthusiastic and vibrant, you will need to be mentally disciplined to prevent feelings of depression, inconfidence, and hopelessness.

In order to keep these feelings at bay you need to keep your personal strengths front of mind at all times. Remind yourself of your assets, experience and qualifications regularly – even on a daily basis before you start getting down to the nitty-gritty of searching and networking. It is often a great idea to go through your CV and pull out bullet-points for a summary you can read to yourself each morning. Add attributes which are not necessarily about your work but about you, your family life hobbies and personal achievements which you are proud of.

Don’t Be Complacent

If you are an executive looking for a new role, you are probably in a later stage of your career. It is therefore likely that you have sat through many interviews before. This previous experience can be helpful as it will give you confidence in the interview situation, but it can also be detrimental as complacency can set in.

Interview styles and headhunting techniques are changing all the time with new technologies and innovative approaches, so don’t be caught out expecting to find yourself in the same old scenario’s hearing the same old questions. Keep on your toes and do your research beforehand.

Don’t Allow Ageism to Get in The Way

This isn’t just about the interviewer. Ageist-thinking is a frame of mind that you can get into yourself if you start seeing yourself at the end of your career. The fact is, as we said above, the greatest asset an executive can bring to the table is their past experience. So consider your earlier career as a qualification in itself.

Use Digital Media for Your Hunt

Job-searching and interviewing methods in executive recruitment have changed a great deal over the last decade. With the rise of social media, you can find niche vacancies easily online. When those vacancies arise, they can be posted directly to your social media profile or email inbox. Recruitment agencies which specialise in your specific industry can not only get the adverts to you but give you that extra bit of advice about your chosen industry at any given time.

Use Digital Media for Support

Social media is a great place for support as well as tracking down the next best vacancy. Facebook offers social support and linked in offers you the chance to join groups and network. Sometimes these online associates can be just the shot in the arm you need when things are not going so well as you though they would.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Enjoying Yourself – You Are Not to Blame

The most important factor is to keep your spirits up in order to stay focussed, confident and presenting yourself in the best possible way. In order to do this, you have to give up blaming yourself for being unemployed. If you are doing your best to secure yourself the next great vacancy, then that is more than enough – so it is ok to enjoy yourself in your everyday life. Expect the struggle, innovate on your journey, recognise your strength and be proud. It will shine through interview.

Keep A Strategy and Goals for When You Feel You Want to Give Up

If you know there are likely to be tough times, you are well on the way to keeping on track. Create a structure which will help you stay focussed when the going gets rough. Simple routine short-term goals can help keep routine in your day.

Keep in Touch with What’s Current

If you have been away from work for some time it could be that will get out of touch with major changes that are going on. This could be very detrimental – especially if you are going for a more executive role. Use social media, industry magazines and associates within the industry to keep up to date with what is cutting edge in your sector

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