Thailand is often referred to as the ‘world’s kitchen’, thanks to its plentiful natural resources, strong research background and a highly skilled workforce.The country’s food and beverage industry contributes around 20% to GDP, whilst the value of the industry, including exports and local consumption, is over 12 billion USD. Furthermore, Thailand is also one of the world’s leading net food exporters and Asia’s second largest. As a result, levels of recruitment in Thailand’s food and beverage industry remain strong.

Thailand's natural resources 

Thailand’s abundant natural resources are of great benefit to its food and beverage industry, whilst the country also enjoys a year round growing season, a skilled workforce and comparatively low labour costs. Around half of the land in the country is devoted to agriculture, allowing the food industry to use over 80% of raw materials which have been locally sourced at competitive prices. In addition, Thailand is in the top ten global producers of a number of essential agricultural products such as sugar cane, rice, coconut, natural rubber, palm oil and cassava.

Recruiting for Thailand’s food processing industry

Thailand is home to over 9000 food processing companies which are responsible for producing and exporting a range of processed foods, including frozen seafood, shrimps, chicken and canned tuna. The country’s processed food exports account for over 50% of exports and almost 15% of manufacturing output, ensuring constant demand for specialist food and beverage industry consultants in Thailand, such as Peak Recruitment.

Food seasoning, ingredients and beverages

Thanks to Thailand’s many strengths in the food processing industry, the country is now a world leader in seasoning and ingredients. With more than 500 seasoning and ingredients manufacturers, Thailand has become the world’s 6th largest exporter of seasoning, accounting for approximately 5% of the market share. Although local demand for seasoning is high, Thailand’s top export destinations including the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

Last and by no means least, the production of beverages is a huge industry in Thailand, with the export market for non-alcoholic drinks worth over USD 1 billion. Thailand exports to a wide range of countries, with leading export destinations for beverages including Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. In addition, there has also been an increasing in demand for premium beverages as consumers become more aware of their nutritional intake. Thanks to an increased focus upon well-being, sales of drinks which include ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen continue to rise.

These are just a few examples of Thailand’s many successful food and beverage industries, but it’s worth noting that the country’s producers and manufacturers are also enjoying growth in fruit juices, organic food stuffs, health foods, dietary supplements and medical foods.

The outlook for food and beverage recruitment in Thailand

Like many countries across the globe, the Thai food industry saw a slump in growth as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this the country’s food industry is enjoying growth and expansion once again.

A diverse range of exciting roles are continue to become available in the Thai food and beverage industry. At Peak Recruit we are specialist food and beverage industry recruitment consultants in Thailand, with many years of experience in finding talented individuals. If you are looking for an exciting employment opportunity, or are looking to recruit in Thailand and the Asia Pacific Region, please get in touch to speak to our team.