Businesses within the food and drink sector face a range of unique challenges, including the recruitment of talented team members who have the relevant skills and experience. At Peak Recruitment we understand the differences between recruitment for food and drink roles and general recruitment. We have dedicated recruitment consultants who, thanks to their industry-specific knowledge, are experts in matching the right people with the right roles. As such, we are proud to offer bespoke services for food technology recruitment in London and throughout the UK.

Specialist Recruitment for the Food and Drink Technology Industries

At Peak Recruitment we have an extensive food and drink recruitment network which extends across a wide range of niches including packaging and distribution, raw food materials processing, probiotics and nutrition. We understand the pressures faced by food and drink businesses and as a result, our recruitment team know that a highly personalised and in-depth approach is needed to find the unique skill sets required.

From senior leadership and executive roles to sales, research and development to manufacturing and supply chain management, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your recruitment campaigns are completed successfully. We take a flexible approach to recruitment and will adapt our model to suit the unique requirements of your business.

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Here’s why our bespoke approach to food technology recruitment in London sets us apart from the crowd:

  • We are specialists in recruitment for the food and drink industries. It is this specialism which enables us to build close relationships with aspirational candidates and some of the most dynamic talent the industry has to offer.

  • Thanks to our strong and far-reaching reputation as an industry specialist, we are able to attract strong candidates from across the globe.

  • We have more than thirty years of search experience, networking and contacts.

  • Our knowledge extends far beyond traditional CVs to provide as in-depth an insight as possible.

  • We invest in the latest in recruitment technology and networking tools to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

  • Professionalism, communication, ethics and transparency are at the heart of everything we do.

The Importance of Specialist Food Technology Recruitment

Working with Peak Recruitment offers a number of business benefits which can help you save time and money, whilst ensuring a successful outcome to your recruitment campaigns. Because we focus upon recruitment for the food and drink sector, we have a deep understanding of the industry’s unique demands and challenges. This, combined with our team’s extensive collective experience, enables us to provide in-depth insights into both local and international recruitment landscapes.

We have a global reach which extends beyond London and the wider UK to cover Oceania, Africa, the Middle East and the United States. This provides us with as extensive a network as possible, enabling access to a diverse pool of high-quality candidates. Furthermore, we are able to offer additional value through our market insights and salary guides, helping you to make informed decisions every step of the way.

To ensure a recruitment campaign runs smoothly, we know from experience that the provision of comprehensive support, from sourcing to placement, is the most effective way to ease the burden on your business. As such we offer an approach based upon partnership, providing tailored solutions aligned with your specific needs.

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We work with food industry businesses of all sizes and across all segments. A diverse range of food manufacturers and suppliers are based in London and the South East of England including Associated British Foods, Pasta Evangelists, Pip & Nut, Graze, Deliveroo, Cawston Press and many more. In addition, London is also home to associated businesses within the food technology, packaging and logistics sectors. Our expertise supports food technology businesses, providing them with effective recruitment solutions designed to ensure success.

Your Partner in Food Technology Recruitment in London

The team at Peak Recruitment are on hand to be your partner for food technology recruitment in London. We understand the unique requirements of food and drink businesses based in London and surrounding areas and will work closely with you to ensure a successful and timely outcome for your next requirement campaign.

Leveraging our specialised knowledge in food technology, the Peak Recruitment team ensures that the unique needs of each role are meticulously matched with the right talent. Our in-depth screening process guarantees that candidates not only meet the technical qualifications, but also align with the cultural and innovative demands of your company.