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15 December 2017 Peak Recruitment

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As a sure-fire way of tracking down that next great job opportunity, waiting for the call from the head-hunters may at first seem a little optimistic to say the least. But getting approached by a head-hunter may not be as unlikely as you may think. In fact, it could sit well with the fundamental resources you have at hand (i.e. watching out for in-house promotions, signing up to specialist recruitment agencies, signing up to internet job boards) when looking for that next great opening. Making yourself more available to the head hunter is in fact an activity which could have highly beneficial rewards.

The Internet Has Boosted Headhunting Activities

Headhunting in employment has always been around, but relative to the total amount of employees an employee may take on, it has always tended to be a rare activity. The employer needed to have specific and first-hand information about the talent, skill, and output of an individual in order to make an approach. The digital age has however changed all that and everyone can be headhunted very easily.. We now not only have people’s CV’s online, through social media, we can pull up work they have done at the click of a button and communicate with them over massive distances through instant messaging.

Headhunting is no longer just an activity where the goal is employing the upper most strata and echelons of an industry, it is used at all levels in all industries. One of the reasons it is so popular is it cuts the time and costs involved with recruitment.

Headhunted: The Job Seekers Dream

And it is every employees’ dream to be headhunted. It is symbolic that the work you do is respected-that your talent and skills are recognised. It means you do not have to sit through some horrible grilling in an interview, you now have the control. You can negotiate the kind of package that you would be looking for.

But how can you enhance the chances of getting headhunted and what do you do if you are? It may seem that you have really got to be in the right place at the right time and no-one’s going to help you with that. But the fact is there are loads of things you can do to get on the radar and foster an attitude which is likely to win the hunters over. Let’s take a look:

Get Headhunted!

  • Update social media data: More and more, employers are seeking out the people they want to see at interview by trolling profiles and CV’s etc on social media sites such as Linked in. Make sure your profile, CV and employment history is up to date and where possible regularly contribute with appropriate articles.

  • Keep calm: If you get a call out of nowhere there is no doubt you are going to be excited. But try to remain calm and professional. The last thing you want to do is sound desperate in an attempt to get hold of the treats they are offering. Don’t forget, you have the upper-hand here. They want your time. If they really want you, they will be happy to play to your terms. But this is no time to play the diva here either – be gracious and appreciative of their interest.

  • You are in control: If for instance you cannot talk when they first contact you, arrange a time when you can both talk again. And it is up to them to call you, not the other way around. Show great interest without getting on your knees. This is a fine balancing act. If you are too reserved or indifferent it may send signals that you have no interest in them as a company.

  • Do your research: Ensure you know exactly what you are being offered and who by. Make sure you do your research into the company in order to find out what they are all about and understand the job role. In what way does it differ from your current role?

  • Get it in writing: After preliminary discussions and if you are interested, ask that everything that is being offered is put in writing. This could be in the form of a job description or a contract.

  • Analyse: Compare the package you have with what you are being offered (expand). Be aware: it is very flattering to get an offer like this and people tend to gravitate towards these types of opportunities solely for these reasons – take your time and be rational.

  • Remain polite throughout: Weigh up the pros and cons and carefully consider your options. Make your decision, and be sure to get back to them on time. If your answer is yes, you’ll progress further to the interview process. If your answer is no, politely decline and thank them for considering you.

But until you get that call, let’s start with the fundamentals…

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