The Big Bang S A New Beginning for Thai Citizens!

01 February 2018 Peak Recruitment


What a great name for the Thai exhibition. It reflects perfectly, the 4th stage of the government project to bring about a nationwide change to how industry functions, make modern technology available to the general public and to streamline the economy in Thailand. The Big Bang exhibition which was resident at Challenger Hall in Muang Thong Thani – a satellite city to Bangkok – proved to be a great success. If you did not get a chance to go you can catch a taste of the excitement, innovation and dynamic futuristic feel fromthe video here. (1)

Welcome to Thai 4

The exhibition highlighted the vision of Thai 4 – the latest stage of economic development designed to transform Thailand’s economy culture and society through technological and digital innovation. For most of us “The Big Bang” pertains to the scientific beginning of the universe (as opposed to biblical or creationist theories). And this is certainly a new beginning for Thailand. The changes are proving to be huge.

Whereas the ultimate goal of the project is to bring industry and the economy into the 21st century for the people of Thailand, the journey has meant Thai citizens are having to deal with quite major transformations. As the project rolls out, no doubt, those who are hit negatively by the influx of new digital machinery (this tends to be factory workers who have either seen their job roles disappear or modified to make room for robotics) will find new positions in the progressive employment landscape. It is felt that as everyone will benefit socially and culturally from what the digital world can offer, adaption will be welcomed across all industries and in all corners of Thai society.

A Transformation in Industry

As we have reported in earlier articles, the government led project will transform all major industries in Thailand and transpose it from a factory-driven economy to one of innovation. Even industries which are not normally considered to align with technology will take on new advanced processes. For instance, agriculture must become more modern, adopting new technologies which are expected to enrich farmers. Small and medium enterprises must transform themselves into smart enterprises and start-ups making use of new technologies.

In order for the project to work the government recognises that there is a need to work closely with private enterprise to enable the smaller companies especially, to facilitate the changes which are needed. To streamline any public-private partnerships, the country must therefore have quality communications via a powerful telecommunications infrastructure if there is to be smooth and successful connectivity between organisations within different sectors.

Maximising The Use of Digital Technology

According to the Digital Journal1 The Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said: “Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 is the milestone event which propels the whole nation into the digital era. It is organised by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES), Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) and co-organised by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC). ”

He said that the government had maximised the use of digital technology in three aspects.

  1. As much as there will be new opportunities for economic growth, the intrinsic reason for the big changes are to enable a far superior the delivery of government services to the citizens of Thailand.

For instance, private businesses can now benefit from a much more powerful high-speed internet service. The Pracha Rat Internet had provided high speed Internet access to 74,700 communities within a year. The new E-service will offer a central information centre which is easily accessible online, to allow people to access public services. E-health will help to enhance communication between medical experts and providers and their clients. E-education will open a new gateway for people living in remote or rural areas gain professional qualification or learn new skills through distance learning. E-agriculture will help farmers move to the next stage and become entrepreneurs.

  1. As a support to local tech start-ups, a digital park is planned to be built in Sri Racha. The ultimate aim of the park is to enhance the environment and help the country use resources more efficiently.

  2. The government will enhance global connectivity by facilitating through international cooperation the setting up of digital platforms. Already the chines Tech giant Huwaei is planning to be involved in 10 major industries including energy and agriculture. A spokesman said “The company showcases its products and solutions including Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Parking, Digital Railway, Smart Airport, Smart Government, Smart Agriculture, among others, at its booth at the Digital Thailand Big Bang, the largest digital technology expo in Southeast Asia.”

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