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Phadtrawadee Sriyong (Fah)


Industry Focus:Food & Beverage, Animal Agriculture, Crop Agribusiness

Functional Expertise: Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical

Level:Entry to Mid-Level, Specialists

Region: Asia

Languages: Thai, English

Personality Type: Defender ISFJ

Fah comes from the Northern Thai province of Chiang Mai, with a family background in farming and food service. She is a graduate of Sociology from Thammasat University, with prior work experience from the food & beverage sector in the USA, Phadtrawadee joined Peak in 2022.

She focuses on the food and beverage segment and works on a variety of specialist roles including sales, supply chain and technical functions, predominantly in Thailand and South East Asia. She loves to meet new people and build networks, and is always available to meet at local food trade exhibitions.


Her goal is to become the go-to person for careers in the food and beverage sector within South East Asia.


Outside of work, she loves music, shopping and exploring new beauty products.


Her “Defender” personality type describes her as a warm protector, always ready to defend her loved ones.