Around 10 percent of the Malaysian workforce is employed in the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sector, compared with a world average of just over 23 percent. Whilst this percentage has steadily declined over the past ten years, as a percent of GDP, the Malaysian agricultural sector is rising from a six year low in 2019 to 8.21 percent.

​As poultry is the dominant protein consumed in Malaysia, it's not surprising that the poultry sector is relatively strong and well developed. With Malaysian official emphasis being on making the country a halal hub, the swine sector is relatively diminished (and it is understood that officially Malaysia would like to see the end of the Swine sector).

​Whilst the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture predominantly focuses on the huge palm oil plantation sector in Malaysia (written about here), they do also help other sectors, including the animal agriculture sector specifically.

​Alongside many other governments in the Asia area, the Malaysian government has promoted the Eleventh Malaysia Plan for 2016 - 2020, aimed at transforming the agro-food sector through research and development and modernisation.

Recruitment for Malaysian Agribusiness

​As Malaysia's agricultural industry has undergone a huge change from family-run farms to international business with global presence, there's a need for highly qualified professionals. With our global database of specialists in agricultre, Peak can source individuals from all areas of specialism, from research and development, breeding and vetinary care, through to dairy and meat production.

Agricultural product companies in Malaysia

Amongst the many agricultural product companies in Malaysia, some stand out as leaders in their field: poultry farmers DBE Gurney Resources Berhad operate principally in Malaysia, and the company activities include poultry broiler farms, processing plants, feed production and trading. Leong Hup International Berhad is one of the largest fully integrated producers of poultry, eggs and livestock feed in Southeast Asia, and has branches in Malaysia. Another home-grown poutry farmer is Teo Seng Capital Berhad, specialising in poultry farming and the marketing of eggs, alongside the production of egg trays and manufacturing and marketing of animal feeds. Happy Egg is the premium brand of Teo Seng and different commercial egg products are launched under the brand, such as Omega plus Lutein, Fresh Farm Eggs and Hi-Fresh.

Malaysian agribusiness roles that Peak Recruitment recruit for

We actively fill job roles with world-leading candidates in all levels within agribusiness companies (especially poultry specialists) in Malaysia; from senior leadership and executives, through to sales and operations executives, marketing and communication, veterinary, formulation and nutritionist specialists, technical and research and development candidates, farm management, manufacturing and supply chain, through to quality and regulatory affairs consultants.