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Chanya Plumejai (Mook)

Nationality: Thai

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Animal Agriculture, Crop Agribusiness

Functional Expertise: Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical

Level: Entry to Mid-Level, Specialists

Region: Asia

Languages: Thai, English

Personality Type: Protagonist ENFJ

Chanya is from the Southern Thai province of Phuket, and comes from an educational background within agriculture with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tropical Agriculture and a Master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition, joining Peak in 2022.

As a Researcher, she works closely with our consultants carrying out lengthy and in-depth database searches, and is somebody who understands the importance of finding the best of the best in the industry – with a particular focus on the agriculture sectors.

She loves sports, especially badminton, tennis and running and regularly participates in competitions, including half-marathons.

Her “Protagonist” personality type describes her as a charismatic and inspiring leader, able to mesmerize her listeners.