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Chanya Plumejai (Mook)

Nationality: Thai

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Animal Agriculture, Crop Agribusiness

Functional Expertise: Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical

Level: Entry to Mid-Level, Specialists

Region: Asia

Languages: Thai, English

Personality Type: Protagonist ENFJ

Mook is from the Southern Thai province of Phuket, and comes from an educational background within agriculture with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tropical Agriculture and a Master’s Degree in Animal Nutrition, joining Peak in 2022.

She focuses on the crop and animal agriculture segment and works on a variety of specialist roles including sales, supply chain and technical functions, predominantly in Thailand and South East Asia. She loves to meet new people and build networks, and is always available to meet at local crop and animal agriculture trade exhibitions.


Her goal is to become the go-to person for careers in the agriculture sectors in South East Asia.


She loves sports, especially badminton, tennis and running and regularly participates in competitions, including half-marathons.


Her “Protagonist” personality type describes her as a charismatic and inspiring leader, able to mesmerize her listeners.