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Jariya Sethi (Jeena)

​Nationality: Thai

Industry Focus: Food & Beverage, Animal Agriculture, Crop Agribusiness

Functional Expertise: Commercial, Supply Chain, Technical

Level: Mid to Senior Leadership, Specialists

Region: Asia

Languages: Thai, English, Hindi

Personality type: Protagonist ENFJ

Jeena comes from Thai-Indian heritage, and food has always been the family cornerstone in passion and business. An MBA graduate, with a background in banking, Jeena’s role in Peak is managing the recruitment teams across all three divisions in Asia, ensuring the final product, and everything in between, is of the highest quality standard and adheres to Peak's - and her own - values.

She works with both local and regional HR teams, ranging from the largest global companies to SMEs and start-ups, and is very active in the market, focusing on mid to senior level searches, predominantly within the food and beverage industry.

She has built up a highly respected reputation in the market, through her passionate yet zero-pressure approach, and works on commercial, technical and supply chain roles across South East Asia and the wider Asia region.

Outside the office, she enjoys travelling, is a talented scuba diver, and loves to socialize.

Her “Protagonist” personality type describes her as a charismatic and inspiring leader, able to mesmerize her listeners.