At Peak Recruitment we’re executive head hunters specialists with a wealth of experience in placing superb candidates for Executive roles in Thailand and more broadly across the South East Asia region. As a recruitment agency, we are very specialised in the way we work, meaning we know our industries and the talent it has to offer inside out. Based in Bangkok, and with over fifteen years of executive head hunting in Thailand, we’re confident we can deliver the best candidates for your vacancies.

Our specialisms within executive headhunting Thailand

We believe that by focusing on our particular industries it allows us a real insight and understanding of what’s needed for a particular role, as well as the talent that is out there to fill it. Working across industry, technology and Fast Moving Consumer Goods our specific areas of expertise are Food and Agriculture, Life Sciences, Industrial and Pharmaceutical recruitment. Because of this focus, we have our finger on the pulse of who the outstanding candidates and performers are in our sectors. As head hunters this means that we have a solid and informed grasp of the talent that is going to fill your positions and really make a telling difference to your business.

We know how to attract the best executive candidates

As well as our knowledge of who the leaders in our chosen industries are, we know how to sell your company to them. By positioning your company and your role as attractive prospects to the talent pool, we can ensure that you get the best candidates coming in to interview. We market the culture and opportunities at your company and know how to make your vacancy really appeal as a prospect to the right individuals. Particularly when looking fill Executive roles, have the expertise to really show your company in the best light is vital and that’s where our expertise comes in. As well as knowing the right candidates for your position, we also extensively market your vacancy through a variety of channels.

These include email marketing, our social media strategy along with journals and online resources. Through our combination of marketing, research and focused networking with the best in our sectors, we have been able to place top performers for executive positions across Thailand and the South East Asia region. Our clients are the best evidence for our quality, with most of our clients being return business because they’ve seen the quality of candidates we can provide as well as the ease of the process we work with. So if you are looking for head hunters in Thailand to fill an executive position then Peak Recruitment can help.