Placing candidates for the highest end positions can pose a number of challenges to your team. As specialists in recruiting for a number of different sectors in the Thailand and South East Asia region, we’ve got a variety of skills and expertise which can ensure you have the right candidate, particularly for the executive positions that matter the most.

Our specialisms

As well as our focus on locating the very best candidates for executive positions, we also have focused expertise in a series of different industries, allowing us to be able to track the best talent and to understand what’s required to perform in each sector. Our areas of specialism span several science, technology and FMCG recruitment areas including Food and Agriculture, the Pharmaceutical Industry, Manufacturing and Industrial, and Life Science and Biochemistry.

We believe our more focused and esoteric understanding of these sectors, developed with over fifteen years of working in and studying these areas, gives us a great edge when it comes to delivering the best candidates to fill you executive vacancies both in Thailand and across the South East Asia region.

Understanding how to present your executive role

Our skill-set as specialists in Executive Recruitment includes understanding how to make both your company and your position really appealing to the best candidates out there. As well as locating the best performing talent in each industry, we also know how to sell the culture and opportunities at your company. Showcasing your role and your business is vital to attracting the right candidate, and marketing your position in the right way is central to our approach to find the right person for the job.

How we get you the best candidates

We have a tried and tested approach to getting the right candidates in front of you. This is a combination of networking with the best talent in Thailand and South East Asia within our specialisms as well as direct research at the time of placing the candidate. We know where the best talent in our sectors are and can allow you to reach candidates for executive positions that otherwise might not be accessible.

Once we’ve identify the best candidates, we also interview them ourselves before we put them in front of you. This means that you can know you’re getting the best candidates from a process that refines the talent pool and means that when you place a candidate in a role you’ll know they’ll perform.