Find your career path with Peak Recruitment consultants in Singapore

Peak Recruitment Consulting is one of the Asia-Pacific regions leading recruitment agencies, providing specialist services for the Science, Technology and FMCG industries. We are based in Thailand and our team of recruitment consultants now work with clients and candidates in Singapore. Unlike other employment agencies, we have chosen to provide industry-specific solutions and it is our expertise which allows us to provide highly effective recruitment services.

Why Peak Recruitment consulting?

We understand the recruitment requirements of the Science, Technology and FMCG industries inside out. Rather than using a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’, we have skilled consultants who are dedicated to working with each sector. Not only does this give us an in-depth understanding of what our clients need, it also provides us with unparalleled access to as wide a pool of talent as possible.

Whether you are an aspiration client or talented individual, if you operate within Singapore’s Science, Technology or FMCG industries, we have the expertise to become your trusted recruitment partner.

Our approach

Our recruitment process works because we work hard to maintain and improve our industry-specific knowledge. Here is an overview of our approach to recruitment:

  • We have industry-specific teams who understand each particular market and who will offer you expert advice on what is currently available.

  • Candidates who work with us can enjoy the benefits of our expert guidance throughout their recruitment journey, including advice on CV writing, portfolios and more.

  • We always provide a realistic, firm time-scale for the expected search time. We work hard to complete searches in as shot a time as possible but will never rush the process or take shortcuts.

  • We subscribe to a wide range of external candidate databases to ensure we have access to as many new candidates as possible.

  • We invest considerable amounts of money and time into marketing and advertising to guarantee our clients’ vacancies receive the exposure they deserve. We make the most of a range of medial channels including email marketing, industry journals, social media networks and online job portals.

Headhunting is at the heart of our approach and our emphasis is upon finding suitable candidates using a combination of networking and direct search. As a result, we are often able to reach outstanding candidates who are difficult to find using contingency methods alone. This is one of our unique selling points and has helped to forge our reputation as one of the leading recruitment consultants in Singapore.

Get in touch to discover why we’re a leading Asia-Pacific recruitment company

Our services are used by clients and candidates as far afield as Hong Kong in the north, through to Singapore in the south. We take great pride in providing outstanding industry-specific recruitment services for the Science, Technology and FMCG industries.

To discover how we can transform the way you recruit, contact our Head Office by calling +662 653 2744 or email