Based in Bangkok, in Thailand, and covering the wider South East Asia region, Peak Recruitment is a team of specialist head hunters who have the experience and skills to find you candidates for executive positions which exceed your expectations. We not only specialise in head hunting for executive positions, but we have our own areas of focus in terms of the sectors we work in.

Our executive headhunting focus

We are specialists in our field. Our areas of particular focus are in the science, industry and technology sectors, including FMCG. With our specialism in Food and Agriculture, Industry Biosciences and Pharmaceuticals we are able to really drill down to find out what you need of your candidates. We understand the roles in our sectors and the skills needed to really excel in them. This specialisation of sectors also allows us to develop an in depth understanding of both experienced and aspirational individuals within our industries and to develop networks of the best talent in our sectors.

Our approach to executive recruitment

At Peak Recruitment, we’re first and foremost a head hunting agency. We find the very best talent through a thorough process of search and networking with the industry’s talents. This means we can pick out a selection of candidates for executive positions that often would be unavailable to companies who are looking to source applicants solely through the methods of advertising positions or by looking through databases. Not only do we offer a more focused and direct head hunting approach the reaches the best candidates, but we can offer this at a comparable price to those recruitment companies who don’t take as active or focused approach.

We know how to market your position

Head hunting and recruitment for executive positions isn’t just about knowing where the talent is. You also need to know how to sell your company and the prospect of that position to them. This is where using an experience team of head hunters in so valuable. We know how to show the culture and opportunities at your company in the best light and how to keep the best candidates interested. You’ll be impressed by the effectiveness and clarity of our work as well as by the talent that we can bring to interview for you, so next time you need to headhunt for an executive, get in touch with our team.